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Home of the Latest and Finest Global Indie Music

AirDriven Music is your premier music service provider (MSP) offering the newest and hottest indie music tracks that you won’t hear anywhere else. Our global indie tracks range from local artists to artists from all over the world! Truly, we are your home for your favorite indie music. Discover a fresh blend of indie music today!

Its Origin-Why It All Started

As a subsidiary of El Media Group LLC, we were established in 2001 with the mindset of “Rethinking Music” for the ever-changing global market. We want people to discover the kind of music that moves them, giving them an experience called “The Revolution in the Art of Sound.”

Our Mission and Vision in Our Industry

It is our goal to provide people with a new music hub that offers a fresh awesome blend of global indie music; hence, we envision ourselves as becoming a popular brand in the music marketplace. By delivering relevant, reliable, and engaging content to our consumers, we make it possible to achieve our goals and visions for AirDriven Music.

What Cup of Tea Does AirDriven Music Offer to Its Consumers?

AirDriven Music offers exciting new music that’s ready for the world from independent artists on the Internet. At various times, we feature special music from these artists that we are sure you will enjoy. Best of all, they’re priced as low as $0.99.

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